Forman Mills

Door Greeter

  • Forman Mills
  • East Orange, NJ 07018
  • 22 days ago


Job Description

The Door Greeter is responsible for insuring that all customers entering the store are properly greeted and directed to the proper area.

The Door Greeter will ensure that all bags are properly checked in and that no opened food or drinks are entering the store.

They will be stationed in a position so that all incoming customers will pass by this position.

This position will be equipped with a radio so that they are in contact with both store management and loss prevention at all times.

The Door Greeter responsibilities include; directing customers with packages to check their packages, professional communications with the customers and checking contents of all employee purchases for valid receipts for merchandise contained within the bags.

Brand: Forman Mills

Address: 585 Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd.

East Orange, NJ - 07018

Property Description: 0201-East Orange, NJ

Property Number: 0201

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